Letter from Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler

Letter from Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler

Message shared from Debbie Hamrick, Director of Specialty Crops, NC Farm Bureau Federation

Attached please find a letter from Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler for you to use for employees traveling to work in the event of a shelter at home order and travel restrictions due to COVID-19.

We have seen shelter in place orders in Mecklenburg County, the City of Durham and more are expected. Additionally, other counties have implemented their own restrictions to protect public health.

Agriculture has been deemed an essential part of our country’s infrastructure. Our NC Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services added important language regarding the green industry in the list that describes essential agriculture infrastructure (see page 2 of the attached letter).

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NCDA&CS is trying to help our industry and commodity partners who are an  essential part of the food and agriculture critical infrastructure. Along those lines  and given the multiple counties who have issued “shelter in place” directives,  NCDA&CS has developed a “Notice of Essential Food and Agricultural  Employee” that can be carried with workers in these critical infrastructure  industries.

Click here for the document.

The Department has shared this document with law enforcement associations  across the State to educate and notify them that drivers with this notification are  part of the critical infrastructure of food and agriculture.  

Please feel free to distribute within your organization or business and/or forward  to contacts you may have in agriculture and food. NCDA recommends people in  agriculture carry this with them while traveling.

North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Questions can be submitted to: covid19questions@ncagr.gov